Ever Wished You Could Ignore Something?

Saturday, 2006-December-23 at 22:46 10 comments

I wanted to ignore this, but I cannot.

someone has taken a older Modern Worship song and added a LATIN INFLUENCED, Vile and Filthy rhythm. What utter butcher of a song, that SUPPOSEDLY about the Lord! Those children, dancing like filthy whores! and Dressed like it too! It's a sickening shame!

The comment on SaltLight emphasizes the "LATIN INFLUENCED" part, as though that was the issue. In an earlier version, it said "BLACK" instead of Latin, and then went on to say that racial separation was the only scriptural way. I wonder why these people cannot read the New Testament, say the book of Romans, and see the real Christian take on racial issues. It is even there in the King James, so that is not an excuse.

Now, it seems that SaltLight got this story from Extreme Theology, where we can read about full-grown men lusting after the dancers. I am sorry to have to break the news, guys, but you have serious problems and need to get some help. Do I feel that the kids in the video that are dancing in supposed worship are truly worshipping God the way he should be worshipped? No, I do not. But they are not dancing like whores, nor are they dressed like it. It is just entertainment instead of true worship toward God.

Back to what SaltLight's article discusses: is the problem the fact that the rhythm is "Latin"? Or is the problem the shallowness of what is called worship?

You have to remember that the ethnic separation requirements in the Old Testament were given to the Jews at a time when they were the only ones who followed God. These rules were given, not as a way to keep pure blood, or else David and Jesus would not have Rahab and Ruth in their ancestry (Matthew 1:5). Instead, these rules were given so that God's people would not absorb the ways of the world around them. (For an example, see Ezra 9:1-2, where "polluting the holy bloodline" [verse 2] is a concern because of the foreigners' "detestable practices" [verse 1]. ) Remember when Miriam and Aaron criticized Moses for intermarrying with a foreigner, and were judged by God for their sin? (Numbers 12:1-15) Over and over, the Old Testament, which is where these requirements are found, tells us that it is meant to help prevent God's people from contamination by the world around them.

Peculiarly enough, these requirements do not exist in the New Testament. One of the big issues in those days was the Jewish believers trying to make the Gentile believers become Jews in order to accept them as Christians. You must recall that Jews were—and still are—God's chosen people. If you are a believer, you are being allowed into the kingdom because of the Jews. This means that you should never decide to become haughty about how your ancestry makes you different or better than anyone else's ancestry. Did not even Jesus tell the foreign woman that non-Jews were dogs?

Now as for the music and worship that was used in the early church, we have no way of knowing. Perhaps they were sometimes formal and ritualistic, as most of them came from the Jewish religious background. Perhaps not. I doubt that they were into entertainment as worship, since entertainment in those days consisted of watching gladiators fight, often to the death.

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  • 1. saltlight  |  Saturday, 2006-December-23 at 22:53

    well, I thank you for your comments, you have your opinions and I have mine, what makes America what it is, a free nation…

    Have a Good one.


  • 3. lnxwalt  |  Sunday, 2006-December-24 at 14:54

    I have read both of your responses. I just hope that you will go to the New Testament to find out for sure what God says to us today about these issues. I am not angry with you and I certainly do not bear you any ill will.

    About 150 years ago, some people felt so strongly about race issues that our whole nation was nearly torn assunder. I find it disturbing that many of these ideas were based on ignoring the clear message of the New Testament in favor of a misinterpreted version of the Old Testament message.

    If this exchange motivates you to check for yourself to see what the Word says about these things, it can only be good for all Americans.

    I hope you enjoy your family’s celebration of Christ’s birthday tomorrow.

  • 4. saltlight  |  Wednesday, 2006-December-27 at 10:14

    How can you even remotely talk to me about the Bible when you read every perversion under the sun, instead of the preserved Word of God?

    Which is, in case your not aware IS THE KING JAMES VERSION OF THE BIBLE!

    Until you get back to that. you can’t talk to me about Bible doctrine.


  • 5. lnxwalt  |  Wednesday, 2006-December-27 at 11:46

    <sarcasm>Yes, of course. We all know that God spoke in King James English all those years ago.</sarcasm>

    Seriously, Chuck, you know that *our language* has changed a lot in the past 400 years, so that some words mean exactly the opposite of what they meant then, while others have taken on connotations or changed their meanings so that their presence in a Bible translation obfuscates the meaning of the original languages.

    If you want to say that we should be using the textus receptus, I won’t disagree. If you say we should be using a revision of a revision of a 4 century old translation of the textus receptus, I have to disagree strongly with that (KJV was mostly a revision of two earlier translations, and is over 80% the same as they are, besides which it has been silently revised a few times since then). At least use the NEW King James. It is still based on the TR. Plus, you know its words have not changed meaning since it was translated.

    But my comment still stands. You can read it in any translation you desire. The New Testament does not support the whole apartheid doctrine, whether used against Latinos, Blacks, Asians, or Native Americans. Jesus said that *Gentiles are nothing more than DOGS* without his intervention, so any of us who are not full-blooded Jew are nothing, except by trusting in his substitutionary sacrifice for us. And even Jews need to give up their own worth and trust in him for salvation. That is why Paul said, I "do count them but dung".

  • 6. saltlight  |  Thursday, 2006-December-28 at 04:29

    I suggest you order this:


    and then come tell me what you know about Bible versions.

    Have a Nice day.


  • 7. lnxwalt  |  Thursday, 2006-December-28 at 08:28

    Chuck, I have noticed that you continue to ignore the real issue by misdirecting the discussion to arguments about which translation we should use.

    It does not matter to me whether you use KJV or something else, as long as you find yourself searching the scriptures the way that the Bereans did, so that you will see for yourself that the race-baiting that you have been doing does not come from Christ. The one who died for our sins died for you, for me, and for the rest of the people on this rebellious planet. He made no distinction about only dying for one ethnic group, nationality, race, or whatever. Therefore, if God values people without respect for their ancestry, so should we.

    I am not (obviously) a part of your same organization, and my doctrine does not conform 100% with yours, but I am a Bible-believing Christian, whether you can accept that or not.

    Both of your comments got caught in the spam trap. When I rescued them, the other one was nearly identical, so I only approved one. Yes, I use comment moderation. Some of my topics are controversial, and I want neither myself nor my readers to be subjected to personal attacks and spam.

  • 8. dutchkids  |  Saturday, 2006-December-30 at 20:33

    yes, as a matter of fact I have wished that, about this particular same blog in fact. I thank God every day that He is our Judge, not narrow minded lusting men who call themselves preachers…

  • 9. Chuck  |  Wednesday, 2007-January-10 at 13:46

    If it ain’t the KJV, it ain’t the Word of God. and No I am not a lusting preacher, I preach against that type of “worship”.

  • 10. lnxwalt  |  Wednesday, 2007-January-10 at 14:51

    If it ain’t the KJV, it ain’t the Word of God.

    Chuck, did you read the Bible yet? Or are you just wanting to argue?  You can read it in KJV if you want.  The important thing is that you do, indeed, read it and put what it says into practice.

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