Open Application Full Screen (Or Desired Size)

Wednesday, 2007-January-03 at 18:30 6 comments

For most applications on Windows XP or Windows 2000, here is what you have to do to have the application open at the size you want it.

  1. Close all windows of that application, except for one.
  2. In this last window, resize it to the desired size (or maximize it if that is what you prefer).
  3. Close the application.

For most applications, this is enough.  You can re-open the software and it should start out at the size you chose.  Note that some software will have a setting somewhere that can affect this behavior.

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  • 1. KeyDy  |  Sunday, 2007-May-06 at 19:50

    how do I open full-screen apps in windows?

  • 2. lnxwalt  |  Monday, 2007-May-07 at 01:43

    KeyDy, if you mean maximized, the advice above will usually work. If you mean full-screen, as in nothing else showing, only some applications will work. F11 is often the key that magically makes the application go full-screen, assuming that it works to begin with.

  • 3. Elaine  |  Friday, 2007-August-03 at 16:05

    I tried both suggestions, I stretched the window manually, then I tried maximizing before I closed. Neither of these worked, is there another way??

  • 4. lnxwalt  |  Saturday, 2007-August-04 at 11:07

    Elaine, some applications build the starting size into the product. For those, there isn’t much you can do to change things.

    Others will have a configuration file (usually something like programname.ini where this may be changed.

    Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to know exactly how to make every possible application bend to your will. If it bothers you enough, I would suggest trying alternative applications to see whether another vendor’s product is more to your liking.

  • 5. anand  |  Sunday, 2007-December-16 at 12:02

    when an application opened the screen seems to be hiding it means the file edit and some options seems to be hiding and i cannt see the x mark at the right hand side top .
    what im doing is double clicking on it so that the screen comes to the smaller size and then closing .
    is there any fix for this .
    its T-42 IBM thnk pad
    please reply to i would be thankful .

  • 6. Nikkie  |  Monday, 2008-October-06 at 02:08

    For the past two years, my Vista software has opened my screen at log on to the size to which I stretched it when I first purchased the CPU and monitor.

    Yesterday, I logged on for the first time since losing power to Hurricane Ike and my screen size is reduced to something like 5″x7″.

    I’ve read your earlier comments about this problem, have stretched the screen, and closed the application by typing File/Edit/Exit, but still am unable to reopen the screen to the desired size. My software obviously allows me to control opening screen size, since it’s done so before.

    Have you come across any additional solutions since you last commented on this problem in August 2007?

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