Second Look At Linux Mint

Monday, 2007-April-16 at 14:55 1 comment


See my earlier posting on this subject.

I am still running Linux Mint "Bianca" as a liveCD, this time straight on my Dell laptop, the only Windows computer I have left.  Wireless works, printing works, Flash and Java work.  I had a little problem trying to watch "Numb3rs", but I have problems watching it with Windows unless I am using Internet Explorer.

YouTube and Google video and even the same Yahoo News videos that I’ve never been able to watch on either Windows or Linux came through beautifully.  So, from a user-desktop perspective, I'm really close to sold.  One part of me wants to wait for the release of Fedora 7 to see whether it has the same "fit & polish", but I do not expect F7 to match Mint for the user experience.


The only negatives I could find are based around the distribution being targeted to regular users rather than power users, developers, or network administrators.  By this, I mean that I needed to install some development tools so that I could install certain software that was not in the repositories.  Since I was doing the LiveCD thing, there is a limit to what I could do because the OS crowds the memory.  However, this one completely lacks the slowness that is common with LiveCDs–as long as I do not have too many things open at once.


Linux Mint is set to replace Windows XP on this laptop possibly as soon as this weekend.  Additionally, my older laptop may move to Mint (from FC6) once I have installed more RAM and replaced its battery.

Mint is a good, all-around user's distribution, based on Ubuntu, which itself is good. Mint is now moving (on my list) from "testing" to "recommended—general usage", where Ubuntu & Kubuntu currently are." Fedora Core 6 remains at "recommended—special configuration or expertise needed", primarily because of rough edges on FC6 installations (e.g., sound missing if using KDE, Beagle consumes 100% of CPU at random times throughout the day, the updates daemon locks the database of installed software, so that no installation/uninstallation is possible without killing the daemon first, certain software still requires older versions of libraries, but those compat-* libraries are not installed by default, the default software installation program is horribly slow).

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1 Comment

  • 1. DonL  |  Monday, 2007-July-09 at 18:17

    I’ve been a Ubuntu user from when they started, and very happy. When Mint came along, I tried it live and fell in love. When I did something stupid to my system, Mint went on permanently, and I love it. Theoretically, you should be able to just take Ubuntu and add the stuff that makes up Mint, but Clem did it in such an integrated way, I’m really impressed. I’m using Bianca, and now my wife has Cassandra on hers. Everything just works!

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