Sunday, 2007-July-15 at 14:56

Scoble has a political post in which he tells why he believes John Edwards is a better candidate than Ron Paul.  I personally find politics and politicians to be nauseating, but I did want to respond.

Technology Policies: Net Neutrality is foundational, but so is vendor-neutrality & open standards in selecting file formats and protocols that are used by any taxpayer-funded entity. Do you support standardizing federal and state governments on open standard formats such as ODF (ISO/IEC 26300)? I do. This means that governments and any organization receiving taxpayer funding should not be using proprietary formats and protocols. This includes opening up the “IP” rights for taxpayer-funded research, similar to the way that UC Berkeley used to do (not only the BSD operating systems, but also Ingres and PostgreSQL are the result of California taxpayer-funded research). If my tax dollars help pay for the research, I should have some way to access it.

Global Warming & Transportation Policies: To see why California needs high-speed rail lines connecting most populated areas instead of relying on freeways, I invite you to come to the top of Cajon Pass on I-15 one Friday afternoon / evening and tape a video for your show showing just how many people are driving to Las Vegas (and often sitting in traffic for hours–you could see that at the junction of the I-15 and I-215). Since California’s driving habits require a lot of gasoline, this in itself might help fight global warming.

Iraq: I opposed invading Iraq from the beginning, because I felt that Saddam Hussein was not a threat to us. It bothers me that so many were silent and suddenly claim to "oppose" the war now that they are running in an election. Where have you been and why haven't I heard you before?

Barack Obama: He’s interesting, but he not only has to be the best candidate, he has to somehow get the white-sheet crowd to leave him alone. I fear that America is still not ready for a Black president, and that pains me.

Ron Paul: Who? Other than a couple of YouTube videos of Hannity keeping him from speaking, I know nothing about him.

McCain: I had great respect for him when he fought against political corruption. I have less respect when he (in my opinion) bends his principles in order to avoid criticizing presidential policies.

Abortion: If you cannot or will not speak up to protect pre-born babies, how can I trust you to speak up for the homeless, the immigrant, or anyone else that is exploited for the benefit someone more powerful than they? The Dems would greatly increase their credibility if they were consistently in favor of the oppressed, the weak, and the helpless. Their stand on this issue is nonsensical. As a Black man, I recognize that abortion is a tool used to keep us from becoming too populous. It is working, too.

Education: The problem isn’t just money. Let’s cut out some of the educrats that are micromanaging what teachers do in the classroom. Let’s give the real power back to parents and teachers, the two groups that are actually interested in seeing that kids learn something. It is a shame that scarce resources are diverted away from the classroom into someone's pocket.

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