Continuing Onward In Faith

Sunday, 2008-January-27 at 21:55 3 comments

This is an expansion on "Following Abe's Footsteps".  If you have not read it, go there first.

Having been, for most of my life, almost pathologically curious, it is particularly attractive to want to know the future.  If you are like most of America, you have read at least one book in the Left Behind series.  These are good Christian entertainment, but little more.  Certainly, if you read the books and think that the future will be as described, you are in for a surprise.

Just as God did not leave fingerprints when he made the world, but wants us to trust him when he says he was behind the origins of everything that exists, he isn’t giving us a detailed play-by-play "tribulation map".  As a believer, I am certain of directed origins, meaning that however things got here, God directed things, without being in the "6,000 years and step-by-step creation" school of thought.  Likewise, I am certain that the eventual outcome is directed, without necessarily believing that every detail of the sequence is preplanned.  We believe in freedom of conscience, with people having their free choice to live the way they desire, and reaping the consequences of those choices in the future life.

One of the things that I enjoy most about reading Lingamish's writing is that he does not hold to the pre-formed, pre-cut school of thought.  He approaches Christian living with questions and thoughtfulness.  He comes to uneasy balances and remains unsure.  In short, he is a real human being, like all the rest of us.  I really admire the fact that he admits he does not know everything.  (Neither do I.)Correction: 2008-01-29, corrected spelling of Lingamish (no ‘u’).

I want to suggest that believers need to learn to trust the Almighty who gave his son for us.  Stop sweating the details of the future and the distant past and concentrate on living today in a way that honors him.  "Since he did not spare even his own Son but gave him up for us all, won’t he also give us everything else?"  It is only by trusting him for the future, while living with wisdom and godly conduct that we can truly continue to live and grow in faith.

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  • 1. Pages tagged "the choice"  |  Sunday, 2008-January-27 at 23:17

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  • 2. Lingamish  |  Monday, 2008-January-28 at 03:35

    lnxwalt, thanks for the nice compliment. Blogging is a great place for asking questions and hearing answers you haven’t been led to expect.

    btw, there’s no u in lingamish.

  • 3. lnxwalt  |  Monday, 2008-January-28 at 07:14

    Sorry about that. 🙂 Will insert a correction tonight after work.

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