Norwegian Broadcasting Moves To OpenOffice and ODF — Linux Magazine Online

Tuesday, 2010-January-19 at 00:39 3 comments

Open Norway: Norwegian Broadcasting Moves to OpenOffice and ODF – Linux Magazine Online

Norway appreciates free standards. After the government a year ago recommended Ogg Vorbis, FLAC and Ogg Theora next to their commercial alternatives MP3 and H.264 as standards for audio and video files, this year it focuses on ODF as the standard document format. According to the governmnent’s Reference Catalog for IT Standards, the recommendation should become binding in January of 2011.

The first larger institution, Norway’s national radio and TV corporation, Norsk rikkringkasting (NRK), is now taking the move to OpenOffice seriously. The conversion is based on the better ODF support, therefore the NRK is running many of its clients on Mac OS X because the Mac version of Microsoft’s Office Suite doesn’t support the open document format. Another reason for the move is the Microsoft Office licensing costs.

This is wonderful news. While we still await “government with guts” here in the US, Norway is working to make its citizens able to use and access the content they paid for without requiring specific proprietary applications. Not that there is anything wrong with using proprietary software if that is your choice. But when a government agency requires you to use proprietary software to access content that you paid for with your taxes, that is wrong.

As always, this is my opinion, not that of any employer, organization, or government agency.
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