[Getting Rid of IP] Even Bad Guys Are Going ‘Open’

Tuesday, 2012-February-14 at 02:32

This appeared in Network World:

… According to this report from Seculert Research, the makers of Citadel, a variant of the Zeus Trojan are using open source models to hone their code and make the Trojan more dangerous.

Not only open source, but the Citadel creators are also deploying it from a SaaS model and using a CRM type of system with forums and message board to communicate with the consumers using the Trojan to commit criminal activity. You have to hand it to these guys, they are using cutting edge techniques to make their product better. Too bad they don’t put this much effort into a legitimate business, but then again they probably wouldn’t make as much money.

Those who have followed this blog over the years or who know me in person, know that I personally believe that freedom preserving software, otherwise known as "free software", or freedom-respecting software, otherwise known as "open source", should be the only type of applications used in government agencies, including taxpayer-funded schools. I believe that the advantages in terms of being able to see what the software actually does and to legally change it if desired are so important that it far outweighs "well this is what they are using in private industry" factor.

Likewise, I think that the "many eyes makes all bugs shallow" aspect of open source would really help in enhanced security environments. I do note that in order to partake of these advantages, said organizations need to have people who are can read and write computer code. That is probably not the case at this time, although I do know of a higher education institution whose technology instructors adopted Moodle in place of Blackboard, and actually contributed back code to the project.

I just find it funny that schoolkids are learning where to click on the "ribbon" toolbar to find a particular function in a particular proprietary office suite, knowledge that will be obsolete within a couple of years when software versions change. Yet, the bad guys have gotten past protecting their "supersekrit™ IP" and are using open source to build, improve, and develop their malware.

As Against Monopoly points out:

If you want to know what the world would be like without IP: look at the criminal world where they can’t easily sue each other for patent and/or copyright violation. Is there software innovation in that world? The virus producers are innovating faster than the anti-virus vendors.

Isn’t it funny how flimsy the arguments for government-enforced monopolies like patents and copyrights begin to fall apart when they are closely examined? I believe we need to make the case, loudly and publicly, that "intellectual property" hinders both innovation and the invention / creation of previously unknown products and services. We need to make the case to politicians, so that they will be less eager to pass the latest "kill the Internet to protect corporate IP" bill. We need to make our case to the public, via the Internet and the news media. And we need to make our case to the artists, writers, authors, composers, and performers that organizations like the RIAA and MPAA prey upon (all the while telling them that they’d make no money without the organizations and their copyright maximalism). We need to counter their claims that stronger copyright and patent enforcement increases the number of domestic jobs with anecdotes and studies that show the opposite.

A couple of recent posts on this topic: Responding to copyright maximalism, and the danger of corporations.

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#SOPA and #PIPA Prove: Corporations Are Dangerous To Our Constitution, Our Freedoms, And Our Government [Getting Rid Of ‘IP’] Why Should They?

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