Tech Privacy Rights As Fundamental As Gun Rights

Wednesday, 2012-August-15 at 13:26 1 comment

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Tech is increasingly a huge part of everyones lives. Twenty years ago, a PC was an expensive investment for a family, it's abilities were limited, and the internet wasn't widespread or affordable enough to really be a threat. One generation on, and most people in the developed world are online all day with multiple devices, connecting to and feeding data into a myriad of corporations our governments routinely go on fishing expeditions to.

The business model where the user IS the product is also a product of now. It’s inevitable that governments want to use the same tools and ideas to get a fine tuned control over their populations.

Now is the time to start fighting back against this practice, as a normal day to day thing. In the days of posses, a gun was a deterrent and protection from those who would abuse you, now that abuse comes from the devices we use every day. We need to apply that same thinking to IT.

“Thistleweb” nails this one. I encourage you to go read the whole thing. Computer and online privacy is as fundamental to freedom as guns were in the 1700s.

In a time when drones can blow up a building without the occupants ever suspecting they were targeted, your grandfather’s old peashooter isn’t much help in preserving US-ian freedom. But your computer is, if you’ve taken proper precautions not to leak data everywhere. If you want to change society (and who doesn’t?), you’re going to be far more effective using the computer to organize and propagate your message than holing up in a cabin in Idaho like some unabomber wannabe.

I know what you're thinking; it's all tinfoil hat bullshit. You’ve done nothing wrong right? Why would anyone be after you right? Read this post, then reassess that evaluation.

Your private data isn't a physical product. If someone steals your laptop, you can get a new laptop, or get it returned. It may have sentimental value, but it's just a replaceable physical item. Information is not something that can be returned.

The value is not in the laptop, it's in the private data contained within it. Do you have images or videos only meant for your eyes or your partners? If your laptop is stolen, count on those being shared online, count on the fact that anyone you see in your day-to-day life may have seen them, and recognize you from them. Still think that can be reversed and no harm done if you get your laptop back or get a replacement?

Seriously, go read the article, then think about all the information you’ve given to $BIG_CENTRALIZED_SOCIAL_NETWORK for them to sell. Full name, date of birth, age, address, preferred e-mail address, photo, place and industry of employment, the username and password you use on the main sites you go to, the person or persons you’ve been romantically involved with, and the names, dates of birth, and photos of your children. Oh, and a list of all the people you interact with online.

You gave them all that in exchange for “re-connecting” with the person who tormented you in junior high and the chance to play Farm Wars.

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1 Comment

  • 1. uns0b  |  Wednesday, 2012-August-15 at 15:55

    information is the new weapon. the new currency. data is the new hostage.

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