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All posts are copyright (c) 2006-2014.  Some rights reserved.  Some posts may be licensed under GNU licenses, which will be noted in each individual post affected by these licenses.

Update 2007-03-29: Non-commercial use of these words is granted, except when used to denigrate FLOSS or the Jewish and Christian religions (including God the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Trinity in general, or the monotheistic deity as characterized in the shema). Commercial use requires explicit prior permission.

Update 2009-MAY-08: Specifically, all content is licensed under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial License, version 3.0, with the above-mentioned exception. You may not take my words and claim them as your own, but you may use my words if you credit the source. Specific posts or articles may be licensed under the GNU FDL or other free documentation licenses.

Comments are owned by the poster.
Update 2007-03-29: By commenting on or after this date, you give me and others the right to use your words for non-commercial purposes. Commercial use requires your explicit prior permission.

Commenting Policies
Comments are welcome, subject to a few restrictions.  If you want to advertise, call your local cable operator.  Do not post advertisements here.

You are free to agree or disagree with me.  In most cases, saying a couple of times (that means two) that you disagree is enough.  Please respect the blog owner, all other commenters, and their points of view.  For some reason, most of us Americans have forgotten how to disagree without getting mean and spiteful.  Foul language and disrespect will not be tolerated.

I moderate comments.  Deal with it. Update 2009-MAY-08: Effective immediately, comments will not be accepted on any post or article over 180 days old. Dealing with hundreds of spam messages each day is not much fun, even though Akismet catches well over 99% of them.

Comments should be in English, because that is the language I speak.  I am attempting to learn Italian, so comments in Italian are acceptable with an included English translation.  I do not speak AOL or “l33t”, so please do not comment in those dialects.

NOTE: I do not claim to speak for my employer(s), church(es), family members, or friends.  Anything I say is my opinion only, and must not be taken as authoritative in regard to anyone’s opinions but my own.
Update 2007-03-29: I expressly disclaim any right to speak for or to bind any business or other organization by my words on this blog.

Additional policies or changes to the existing policies will be published on this page.

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