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Is This What It Takes To Push OOXML Into The Market?

It is really pretty funny.  The Microsoft-Rules-Forever crowd co-opted the voices of freedom lovers like Rick Jelliffe1 in order to push its next user-enslaving document format, OOXML, over the top.  And with all of the additional attention and the possibility of new doors opening for OOXML, they still feel that they cannot compete with ODF unless they use arm-twisting tactics.

If you disagree, you should take a look at the comments on this ThinkFree blog posting.  Here, let me help you:

We are also considering the ODF support in ThinkFree.
By the way, There is one obstacle for solving the problem…
That is MS Policy for ODF, Because of interoperability with MS Office in ThinkFree,
We still need the MS cooperation that support OOXML,,,
I think you can understand this situation & MS policy strategy…
But we plan to solve this political problems, and also We will make the detour.

How many of the known implementers of the OOXML formats could tell of similar arm-twisting?  Why is it that Microsoft feels that it cannot compete without misusing its huge market share to stifle the growth of more-open alternatives?

I mean, come on now.  With over 90% of the (paid) market for office suites, they have to use untoward arm-twisting to pass OOXML through ISO?  And then, after it passes, they still must use these techniques in order to keep companies like ThinkFree from implementing OOXML's more popular competitor, ODF?  How does Microsoft's vaunted "openness pledge" hold up, given these facts?

How about it, Altova?  Could this be the reason why your products do not support ODF?  I know there is demand, since up to 600 people a day come to this blog looking for the answer to one question: How can I open this ODF file someone sent me?  Are you really willing to give up that many potential opportunities to sell your XML software?  Is implementing OOXML so difficult that you must have MSFT's good will and thus cannot risk satisfying potential customers?

1 One of the bad things about the way Microsoft and its minions misused Rick Jelliffe's influence is that even his good suggestions might be ignored.  And, no David, despite disagreeing with Rick on OOXML, I have not mistreated him.  In fact, I respect him for his expertise in XML-related fields.  I am looking forward to seeing his Schematron in action some day.

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